Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Holiday

Yesterday as i was planning to doze off early, but i was caught by this movie that was shown coming next on HBO. Last Holiday. When i checked the info it was an interesting story about a women who will die in the next 3 weeks time, and how she will outlive her best holiday before the day comes.

So i decided to watch this movie cause its been sometimes since i watched some good movie, and too add more spice to this.. it was none other than Queen Latifah who was the main cast. We all know her for the good sense of humor and she really did a fantastic job in this movie. Happily enjoying her holiday while she knows she was going to die soon.

Well coming to the story, she was actually working in a store and one day she had a bad headache as she was over working. When she got to the hospital she was actually diagnosed of having a brain tumor and her doctor told her that she will die in about 3 weeks time. With that, she packed her bags and took all the money she had to Switzerland. She started everything with luxury, where she took the first class flight, a helicopter to the hotel, stayed in a 7 star hotel and of course in the presidential suite. Everyone in that hotel was all filthy rich.. so some thought she was somebody too. As she was living in luxury everything about the place she stayed was different. It was like heaven. It was during New year and the snow filled each and every corner of the place. It was so beautiful that in one part of the movie she will say "God where was i all this while, this place is so beautiful.. and.. why cant i life longer.. i don't want to die"

This actually made me think. If i was in her situation i guess i would have done the same thing too. Travel around the world and love everything like its the last day. Isn't this how we all would have reacted. Why we don't do that now. Why we do go around the world now.. love everything now, cherish everything now, rather than waiting for our doomsday or our old age to come when we might not even have the energy to travel. I don't want to waste my time anymore.. i think I'm gonna start to travel even more now. Actually I've been doing it often, but now i want to see more.. and have more adventures. Anyone care to join.:p

Well, coming back, as usual since this is a movie..the story goes on and she writes her letter in which she says "I have enclosed some cash for my cremation. Please don't bury me as i wont was to live in a box forever, so please cremate me." and with that she packed her bag to go back home for her last day, but she was sent back to the hotel as there was a snow landslide and no one could get to the airport. After that, all of sudden as the climax of the movie comes.. this doctors found out that there is a problem with the CT Scan in the hospital, and that actually gave the wrong print of the brain. With that her diagnosis was false. And with a quick fax to her hotel, they manage to pass her this info, and she was happy ever after....

Haaaa how nice.. Of course the movie is 100 times better than my narration plus this is not a very new movie either. It's a 2006 movie. But it made me think.. How precious life is that, the earth we are living on has given us so much and is still giving us everything everyday. Thank you mother earth!


rujjcoomarh said...

very nice story indeeed. How nice if all the innocent humans disease turn out to be a false report.

HANUSHA said...

oh ya.. how nice. i never thought abt it in that way..

Sh@rm said...

hehehe dats a nice thought rujj...:)
well i watched this movie more than 10 everything in this movie..espcially the actress and the Hotel + location its just amazingly beautiful...:)



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