Friday, July 18, 2008

A cup of coffee

Its so weired that i struggle to wake up early when i have to go to work, but when it comes to weekend's i end up waking up extremly early! I mean i really wanna sleep even more long hours than the usual, but I guess my body's clock gets too excited friday nite, that its not willing to waste its precious sat's and sunday's. Well isn't that the same for all of us...

Still woke up a little groggy today as it was only 6.50ish, well.. went down straight to the kitchen (Shower was not anytime soon btw)..took the pot, filled the water up and straight on the fire it went. Went to the counter, Open that precious looking nescafe bottle took a deep breath of that godly aroma, close the cap and wait for mr.water to boil up. Boiling, took my must have, my mug, my only mug, only my own mug alrite . Anyway open that nescafe cap again, took a spoon of it, took a deep breath of that heavenly aroma again, it goes in the mug, a little bit of white sugar for taste, hot water and a little condense milk, all mixed up ready to save my day. My starter, my good mood maker, my comfort, my cozyness and my fantastic morning and day starts with that mug of coffee.. ahhhhhh.. opps sorry.. just took a sip :p .. what wonders can coffee do.. Oh just realising what i did this moment, i actually close my eyes all the time when when i sip them. Well it surely makes it taste better..

Anyway i can't wait for my Saturday. Lots of things to do today. Firstly meeting rujjy boy at 9.30 in brickfields. Going for some good mamak breakfast. Then going to midvalley. Some minor shopping. We are getting something for his dad's birthday which was the 16th this past wed actually. We still have no idea on what to get. Its always difficult to get stuffs for guy. The gift are just to limited for them. After that oh ya need to get the ticket for movie at 9.30pm.. That new 3D movie. I must watch it, well i always had this facination for 3D. Weired huh. Again, after that we have to go to MPH its been a long time and wanted to get some books from there. Iam so excited.. hmm... and then.. looks like thats about it. Will be back home by evening. Oh ya, i am making the dessert of the week which is White chocolate mousse, with dark chocolate sauce. This time i will post it on my blog with the recipe, ofcourse if it turn successffull. After that rujjy will be fetching me to go for the movie. After that we are meeting up some friends for some catching up.. Phew.. what a saturday.. its gonna be..

Ok then its gonna get let, have to get ready now... adios amigo..


mmuurrllyy said...

haha...nice saturday..
btw...1 kopi satu!!!!!!!

HANUSHA said...

mai gi mamak

Novinthen said...

I Love Cofffeeeeee... :D

HANUSHA said...

hehe.. i know novin.. plus your coffee experience in saabaa is something i will never forget. Eventhough i havent try it yet,i can understand your feeling from your greattt explanation u gave.. haha...:D saabaahh@vadivelu..

Anonymous said...

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