Thursday, July 3, 2008

My missing self...

I can't believe it, the eagerness i had to setup my own blog isn't there when it comes to filling up the pages. Gosh i've missed so many updates that i wanted to write. well shamelessly i am going to blame my job, for all the time that i don’t seem to have these days to update my own blog!..

Actually I’ve been working in Shell for almost 3 1/2 years. Turning 4 this coming october25 to be precise. For the last 3 and a quarter year i've been working as a Unix Linux Administrator, in which was a job that i could easily find at least about 2 hours of free time out of my 9 hours of work.. to blog and watch youtube and friendster and malaysiakini.. and ..well just name it. I had been to work with the comfort that i'll always have plenty of time to explore everything i wanted to (which is not what shell is paying me for la, but i still had to do justice with the equipment's and facilities give aite :p ).. but all of that kinda took a backseat now.. gosh...

Sometimes we fight so much to move forward.. you know.. i want a better job and a better salary and all of that.. and with all my hard work in pushing my bosses to promote me after a good 3 years.. i at last got a better job.. i wont say its my dream job... cause my dream job is to settle at home and run my very own bharathanatyam class.. but i did get promoted.. quite high than i expected. Well of course it didn't come easily. Now i am happily a Unix/Linux Systems Engineer.. and i am not proud about it but I am happy about it. I am stressing happy here because i feel there is a difference of being proud and happy, and i always choose the latter cause i feel proud is nothing else but self boast that comes with a huge ego and self centered happiness that could not be shared with anyone.. like being in a no man’s island.. Where else happiness is something each person naturally get when they personally achieve something.. and it is here where we should be always happy and humble with our achievement even though it is as big as the mountain’s, as only by being happy and humble other’s will respect us and most importantly when we succeed one day.. the same loved ones will be beside usto pat on our shoulder and say we are still here for you… so what’s the point being proud.. rather be happy with a light heart right..

so coming back.. well actually this job was surely much better and everyday is a new day.. so much to learn.. so much of fun... good bunch of guys to be with and surely.. more exciting.. and best of all is, well this is something everyone or anyone who is working would surely love.. i don’t have a boss (well the boss i mean is like some big china man or china women conquering everyone and running the company you know.. the kinda boss who says.. sit and stand and all that s#!+ !!) and that is so great. I've just got a new boss and she is none other than Vilves.. closer than i thought, she is actually one of the authors in Mindsblog...hehehe.. how small can the world get!! But I am so lucky that I’ve got a manager like vilves.. one of the most most understanding and easy going manager's I’ve ever come across...the good part of this new department was the flexibility they have given in i can come in whenever i want and leave whenever i want as long as the work is complete.. and adding on to that.. i could also work from home if i want. I was in shock.. happy.. then a bit worried.. then a bit confused.. then i was clear and then i was really really happy. I actually found freedom to do my work my style and that is what i call as freedom. it's not about not doing work. i mean i can imagine myself dying out of boredom if i don’t work... but it's about working my way , my style with in my own pace.. which is so much better.. because i can work things out better my way because of this flexibility... but the thing about me not having time to blog comes to the part.. where i am still learning lots of stuffs that my free time is spend in catching up more stuffs and commands and techniques in google..

Well with all this new job happening i don’t seem to have time to check my yahoo!! which is something that i've been doing every 5 days a week without missing them and now i have like 500 emails to clear..

Well this is it.. i better stop here. I think Iam already mumbling to much.. well this is obviously because of my long gone writing skills.. which is going to the drain day by day.. but nevertheless its about time i update this blog at least every 2 days.. oh well at least once a week for a start...
Hope i have something to write about.. adios..

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chaitanya said...

Never could I imagine you wrote so highly abt me. I do feel flattered. Im happy to have u in my team & I strongly believe one should treat the other as how I would like get treated as. If you spit on sky , it will fall back on your face.. so whatever bad deeds I do It will haunt me theafter.
You're young (so do I :-), you have so much to prove. Trust me you cannot find many Women System Engineer's for Unix/Linux nowdays, especially Indian. You've all the right to feel proud of yourself. Give a pat on your back for all the hard work that you have put in. Be prudent and brave when coming to making decision, always have open mindsent when ur learning. Learn as much as you can in your current role and plan ahead. Everyone goes through a rough sea in their career life.. so Do I.. and You will as well. Take it up as challenge and the victory shall be yours!!



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