Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A man and his EGO.

Lately I’ve been in a dilemma on how i should see or understand people. I’ve been surfing many blogs and seeing all kinds of people and their lifestyle. But there was this one blog that took me aback when i read it. I would like to keep this anonymous as to not create any emotional distress to that person. I mean, i have no problem posting their name. I don’t give a damn for people who are of a intolerable character. But as mentioned, i just don’t want them to get so distressed and emotional about it.. well.. just being courteous..

Coming to my topic. This person attracted me to HIS blog because of one thing that he kept highlighting again and again in this blog. "HIS EGO". Honest to God I’ve never met such a self-praising person in my life. I wish no more. The way he preached and praised and honored and appreciated himself was hitting me like a storm. People like this still exist? I mean, they are so call educated so called famous and yet.. again ya.. and yet! they can have such an attitude of self proclamation!? How is this possible. I've seen many people whom are filthy rich, highly educated, famous in art and dance.. and yet so humble for their age, so pleasant, so considerate to an extend i feel.. what a godly presence in them. I am not referring to only youngsters only but elders as well. But here what i see is someone with evil in HIM and trying to boast his chest out and claiming to the rest of the world.. that he is "the one". What could be uglier that this. Even the ugly duckling was humble. But here.. God! i just want to pray so that this person has a reality check and a hard knock on the head before anything.

I learnt this, and Iam still learning this. As a dancer, the main thing he or she should be living with is humbleness.. treating people with respect and most importantly to demolish the ego in themselves and surrender with a clean and open mind. Treat all equally. But here.. its the complete opposite and i don’t know how he can claim himself that person who he thinks he is by being such an egoistic person..

Well i just hope he learns something good soon, before his ego eats him up. To talk and preach about the truth of something so so sacred and not following it is an insult to the matter that was written in the first place , an insult that shall never be forgiven.

To end, i know that this jackass will be reading this.. as he despised me for despising him for his immaturity and low self act. Well I hope he changes..

1 year with an Impact!

I didn’t know that a blog I wrote 1 year ago actually gave an impact and caused distress to this person for 1 year 2 months!.. Phew not bad huh...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

AR RAHMAN's Slumdog Millionaire - Golden Globe Awards

Today i had to blog! AR RAHMAN ji has surely made us Indian so so proud with his victory in the Golden Globe Award for Slumdog Millionaire!. Again, where are you taking us Rahman ji with this kinda music. How do we describe it? How do we explain this music? Every time i hear it, it just blends in my blood and refuses to come out of my body and mind.

You have surely entered each of our souls slowly that no one can or should deny the fact that you have made a mark in this generation and forever. If there was a great Indian musician of all times and the style of whom is always giving us the feel of a new era and the future then it just cannot be anyone else but Rahman Ji. Rahman Ji after your birthday yesterday, today again will i pray to the lord to bless your and give you all the happiness as what you have given us thru your music!! A big standing ovation to the one and only Allah Rakha Rahman ji!! God bless you always!

Actually, i would want to write so so much about my favorite music director, my guide and the person i look upon to, but i just can't do it. I have asked myself many times on why i have not written or spoken anything about Rahman Ji in my blog? , well i just don't know why. I have spoken today and i will surely write about him one of these days but not about him, I’ll write about how he changed my life.. slowly like poison. Rahman Ji, I will never forget the day i saw you at Shah Alam in 2003. You looked so calm and there was this glow at you that made me spell bounded. I was speechless and had tears seeing you. It was a dream come thru that day. Seeing you so near, yet not being able to say a word, or take a picture or get an autograph made me feel really sad that day, but then i realized that, he is already speaking to us everyday, every single moment with his music. The music that just sinks into our soul letting us imagine things we would have not thought off. Indirectly creating lots of creativity in us of how the music looks like, of how we can dance to his beats, of how we can picture the scenes of the songs in our mind. He brings out our creativity. He took us and is still taking us to this New Era i have no clue about. But Rahman Ji I am always following you, no matter what. Thank you so much for all the beautiful musical and silent moments you have given to us. From you everyday i learn a big lesson. No matter how big you are and how knowledgeable you are. Always have gratitude for all and it can always be seen in you and in your music. So humble and composed. You are a big Teacher Rahman Ji. Thank You with a big salute.

News on Rahman Ji winning the Golden Globe Awards

To listen to the song go to :- http://www.imeem.com/slumdogmillionaire

Below i have it in my playlist as well. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something about this New Year

This year seems new to me. I am usually not a big freak when it comes to new year's and I am no where close in preparing new year plans and achievements and all.. but this time it is different. I really cant remember when was the last I was so excited about a "New Year". I just can’t wait for it. I want to move on and I can't wait for good things to unfold in front of me. There is this sudden abundance of excitement and hope and enthusiasm that is making me have this slight ticklish happiness inside of me, like a child. Gosh I miss this feeling. I have forgotten this feeling, and now when it came back to me I am so hesitant to take it, but yet I want it. Why was I hesitant I was wondering yesterday before I went to sleep, only to realize I’ve been thru so so so many problems that I actually forgot and lost touch on how to be truly happy inside. So all I did yesterday nite was nothing but wondering and wondering.. why it took me so many years to get back this inner happiness, why didn’t I do something about it, why didn’t I look in the mirror and ask my good self which was so patient with me torturing myself all this way that "why I let myself go with the problems I had rather than fixing it fast".

Then as I was thinking, the answers just passed by me like "minnal" like "va maa minnaaaal " like that.. just zuuppp.. Was so fast that I had to rewind and slow play it. Mr.Answer was there and he said, hanusha darling you are nothing but a piece of crap :s. Opps sorry.. typo :p Mr.Answer said, no humans can live without a problem and only a problem makes you realize your strength and here, you have discovered your strength. No humans realize they can come out of a problem easily, because by thinking they are having problems, having problems and having problems they directly or indirectly are inviting themselves to nothing else but problems, which was what I was doing without realizing. I kept saying to myself I am having problems and It’s difficult and it’s impossible and all the negative things. It was like digging a hole with myself in, and as I keep digging thinking the treasure is down there for me to solve my problems, I didn’t realize that I was digging myself into a deeper hole that I will just struggle to come out from, and that was my biggest mistake said mr.answer. Even though I have solved most of my problems, the way that I handled it was the one that changed my life experience. It prolonged my suffering. I wasted lots of time recovering. I didn’t use my time effectively, and eventually the long suffering made me forget the true meaning of being completely “relieved!” I could have solved it in an easier way by being positive and saying only the good things, instead I made it difficult to solve the problem by complaining and blaming my self. Here I learned that any problem can be solved just easily with the same lesson learnt and mr.answer agreed with me.

As I was thinking, mr.answer said to me this special thing: - Right at this very moment your problems are resolved (whether is resolved or not it doesn’t matter) but right now it’s resolved. You have no problems. You have no worries. You have no doubts. You have no obligations. You are free. You are happy. And then he asked me to BELIEVE in that. At that very moment I did and soon after I started feeling this "ticklish happiness" like I had when I was a child. Like I said above. This time, something about this happiness is telling me it will be there with me forever as long as I want it. Yes I want this happiness forever, and I hope the same for all. Thank you mr.answer for waking me up for real. I am enjoying this feeling as I type this blog right now. It feels great. And we all know, if we really want something we just have to ask. Ask ourselves. Cause mr.answer is always within us.

Last but not least a quote I read yesterday nite before I slept:- "Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step". This quote by Martin Luther King is just perfect for any situation rite.

Ok then, before I end below are some pictures taken during the countdown party at Plaza mont kiara. Was really fun. We shouted loud. Enjoyed 1 minute of crackers, had starbucks and did some dancing. haha.. was really nice.. Was a great way to start the year.

From Top Left :- Ruben (My bro)& Rujj. From bottom left :- Manu, Myself & Mein(Rujj's sis)


Giant crackers..

Amongst the crowd..

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!! 2009

Wishing a Happy New Year 2009!! to all!! May god bless each one of us with lots of wisdom and prosperity!!

Penang Trip 18th Dec 2008

On the 18th of Dec me myself, raj, viki and mein headed for a trip to Penang. It was suppose to be 6 of us, but vilves couldn’t make it last min because of work and novin couldn’t make it as well because of.. well I don’t know why. Anyway, the trip was something we were all greatly looking for and everything turned out well and we had a great great time.

Wednesday 17th
We started our trip on Wednesday itself. We all were suppose to meet up after work, and we had to meet a bit later as viki was doing a photo shoot for an Indian cultural nite at the TAR college in Setapak. We all met each other there at about 9pm and from there we had dinner, and headed straight to teluk intan in raj father's car. It was a Mahindra Scorpio and it was just nice for the 4 of us. There we stayed a nite at Raj's grandfathers house. We actually planned this so that we can save some hours traveling from KL, and of course we wanted to try Teluk Intan's breakfast. We reached Teluk Intan about 1.30 and by the time we settled down after chit chatting was about 3+. Woke up at 7, and we straight away headed for breakfast. We enjoyed the famous char koey teow, and wantan mee. and a good cup of Chinese kopi. From there we left about 9ish 10 straight to Penang.

Thursday 18th
Reached Penang’s ferry terminal about 1, and as we reached the island we went straight to Batu ferringhi where we were to stay. As we were on the way to ferringi from the jetty, we passed by this ancient cemetery that caught our eyes which was just by the road side. We parked at the side of it for a while, and viki to some shots there. Actually many people were walking at the cemetery. Perhaps they were checking if their grandparents were there :p hehe. So, after that welcoming site of the cemetery, we headed to our condo, the Eden Fairview Condominium. At the 10th floor the Condo was really nice and to our surprise was very very clean, and of course not forgetting the cekap view we had of the shores of Batu ferringhi and the nite market.

After settling down, we were all freaking hungry, and it was almost 3+. Our hunger dint encourage us to move far, so we went to the nearest nasi kandar "The khaleel", and to our disappointment, the food was just bad. I mean bad as in I could only take in 3 mouths, and that’s it. With a bad start on food, we decided to go for some good food later that nite at gurney. After that disappointing lunch, we went back to our condo for a short break and to freshen up.

At about 6, we left and went for some rounding around the town side, and when hunger called us, we went straight to Gurney drive and ordered oyster egg, ikan bakar, some fried items and more. After a good meal and some discussion on the pricy food of penang, we went for a walk along the pedestrian walk of Gurney. It was so lively and bright. Lots of people.. hmm.. I am missing that place now actually.. Well, as we were hanging out, me and mein were singing some songs... haha.. people who were walking pass us would think we are nuts.. ofcouse raj and viki were as usual busy with viki's cam. Soon after a while, viki's old house mate Lambotharan who is a penangite came to see us. Such a humble boy he was. He was just to appavi to hang out with us.. hmm :).. Anyway, after lambo came, he took us the Jetty as we wanted to go and look around. The jetty was so beautiful at nite. And it was only about 10pm then. After hanging out there, we went for a drive an checked out Little India and China Town.. most of the shops were closed actually. So after cruising around. We wanted to go for supper, and lambo took us to Yusof. As we were on the way to Yusof, lambo was telling us about penang, and to our surprise only then we realized, that none of the old building are allowed to be demolished, and if there is a new building to be built, they old/existing frontier of the building must remain and the new building can then be build from that. Only after that we realized most of the building were as such, and honestly the architecture was mesmerizing. Fantastic concepts and creativity was seen in each building.. After looking around, we were in Yusof, just thirsty and tired. At about 12+ we decided to go back, as we had a long day and wanted to have an early start the next day. And the best part was (it was only Thursday).. yuhooo 2 more days in Penang!!

Friday 19th.
After a good sleep, we left the condo at about 9 and headed straight to the famous nasi lemak daun pisang. Trust me i don’t know what the name of the road is, but mein guided us as she had been there before. It was like a food court, and they had piles of nasi lemak. After having that with a good cup of coffee, we headed straight to fort Cornwallis. Okay let me be straightforward, that place is just soo boring. There is nothing there! and to make things worst, they had canopies because of some event, and that kinda spoilt the mood of that place. But then we spent about 2 hours there. Hmm.. well, we were just taking shots after shots and that was the interesting part. We really had a good time, and yes thanks viki for teaching us lots of stuffs about photography. Viki was so kind enough to let us use his cam and test out and learn from it. We had lots of fun from there. After leaving fort Cornwallis with some unexpected remarks by viki on the guest book.. hehe, we were so thirsty that we started hunting for the best ice kacang and cendol. As we were clueless, viki got down and asked around, and we headed to Macalister road (i hope i typed it right :s). We had some good ice kacang and cendol there. (Oh ya forgot to mention.. the parking there was a freaking 50cent! I mean.. after all 50cent seem still usable in penang.. awesome). So after that we went to the Kek Lok Si Temple (Pagoda). Opps sorry, we headed straight to the Air Hitam Dam first actually, and that place was like one of the best places I’ve ever been. What a breath taking view it was. I just cant describe how it was. Even the pictures cant say much. Just feel thankful for being there at that moment. That will be a place always fresh in my mind. After taking some shots there, we went to the Kek Lok Si temple. Spent some time there. After that it was about 4 something and we were already hungry. Lambo called and told us there is this best stall nasi kandar in jelutong, but then they are only open from 6pm onwards. So, went to yusof first and had our nasi kandar there. After that we went to the Burmese temple and hanged out there. Before we could go to the Buddha temple at the opposite, it was already closed. So then we met lambo again and he took us to the famous stall. Hehe.. it was our second round of nasi kandar in less then 2 hours :s. But then we didn’t want to miss it. So after beating the Friday evening traffic jam, we were there right on time. To our amazement as we were queuing up to get our food, we were shocked with the queue after us. It was so long! and yes the nasi kandar was just so tasty... gosh I am feeling hungry now..

It was almost 8pm then, and we were all just tired and stinky. We went back to the condo for a quick shower, and by 10+ we were out again checking out ferringhi’s nite market which was just in front of us. We bought some stuffs there, but then the shops were unanimous. Every shop had the same thing. So, after that we felt like going for supper, so we went around looking for food and kept on driving until we ended up at the end of the world (as they call it) and there was nothing actually. The best part was as were driving around the breeze from the sea along the road was so nice and calm, By then It was almost 12, and we headed back to gurney for some nite supper, and to our disappointment again most of the stalls were closed! Hmm.. then i realized, you just cant beat KL for nite life and nite food. Well, with only about 4 to 5 stalls opened, we packed pasembur and rojak buah, and lambo took us to the beach nearby the Crown princess hotel. It was like a small pathway to the beach, and the view was so beautiful, we could see gurney and ferringhi at our left. We sat there and enjoyed the food and the breeze from the sea. The boys were having another drink.. shaishhh.. We were there till about 3am, and we had a great time chatting about lots of stuffs... After that we headed back to our condo so tired.. and the sad part was (it was Friday) and we have to go back the next day :(

Saturday 20th
After a good sleep, we woke up and left the condo straight at about 10. We went for some horrible cold roti canai for breakfast and headed to Tannermalai temple (Waterfall temple). We were suppose to meet Lambo there. Actually Lambo invited us for lunch at his home and we were so touched with his hospitality despite only knowing us for 2 days. After visiting the chettiar temple which they were just about to close, we went to the Tannermalai temple which was just near by. After that lambo took us around the moon gate, and we thought of seeing the Buddha temple. We then went to the Buddha temple, and bought some souvenirs there as well. After checking out the souvenir, we headed straight to lambo's house in Jelutong. It was a 22 story apartment and the view was amazing. From the kitchen u could see jelutong, from the balcony u could see Mother of Mercy standing high amongst the mountain (Pagoda), and from lambo's room you could see the penang bridge. What a location! that’s what you call a home with a view. There his mother served us fantastic home cooked food. It was motcha kotta kolumbe, thannisar, parepe kari, vanjerai meen sambal, netthili sambal, potato peratal, fried egg and appalam. After all the food we had in penang, nothing can beat that. We actually told lambo earlier, to not cook chicken and all, as it will be just a lot, and troublesome, but this home cooked food was just too good.. Thanks lamboo...

After having a full lunch and a great time with lambo's family and sister who was ever ready to give us some many poses (she was only 1 years old), we left penang with a heavy heart. It was 6pm then. Unfortunately it was raining as we were traveling back, so we were slow on the road. We reached KL about 12 and we had to drop viki at Taman connought. So we dropped by at the nearest Mcd and had our dinner, dropped viki and raj dropped me back home at cuepacs, and raj and his sister mein reached home about 2am. Luckily it was only Sunday morning, hence we had the whole Sunday to just sleep and sleeeeepppp..

Overall, it was an amazingly trip. We were excited and tired most of the time, and we were all glad the trip took place smoothly. Everything was good, we didn’t encounter any problem and mostly we had a great great time there. I still feel sad that vilves couldn’t make. I believe if she had come it would have been more fun. Its ok vil, next trip we will, sorry MUST go together k.

What a trip this was to end the year. Perfect. Cant wait to plan another trip :p

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rajkumar & Eden's - Yenna Solla Pogirai

Finally the music video by Arkay Productions & Eden Studioz - Yenna Solla Pogirai is out!

I don wanna say more.. just check out the clip and drop some comments ya.

Song: Yenna Solla Pogirai
Direction: Rajkumar C. Kopalan & Denesh Kumar
By Arkay Productions & Eden Studioz



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