Tuesday, January 6, 2009

AR RAHMAN's Slumdog Millionaire - Golden Globe Awards

Today i had to blog! AR RAHMAN ji has surely made us Indian so so proud with his victory in the Golden Globe Award for Slumdog Millionaire!. Again, where are you taking us Rahman ji with this kinda music. How do we describe it? How do we explain this music? Every time i hear it, it just blends in my blood and refuses to come out of my body and mind.

You have surely entered each of our souls slowly that no one can or should deny the fact that you have made a mark in this generation and forever. If there was a great Indian musician of all times and the style of whom is always giving us the feel of a new era and the future then it just cannot be anyone else but Rahman Ji. Rahman Ji after your birthday yesterday, today again will i pray to the lord to bless your and give you all the happiness as what you have given us thru your music!! A big standing ovation to the one and only Allah Rakha Rahman ji!! God bless you always!

Actually, i would want to write so so much about my favorite music director, my guide and the person i look upon to, but i just can't do it. I have asked myself many times on why i have not written or spoken anything about Rahman Ji in my blog? , well i just don't know why. I have spoken today and i will surely write about him one of these days but not about him, I’ll write about how he changed my life.. slowly like poison. Rahman Ji, I will never forget the day i saw you at Shah Alam in 2003. You looked so calm and there was this glow at you that made me spell bounded. I was speechless and had tears seeing you. It was a dream come thru that day. Seeing you so near, yet not being able to say a word, or take a picture or get an autograph made me feel really sad that day, but then i realized that, he is already speaking to us everyday, every single moment with his music. The music that just sinks into our soul letting us imagine things we would have not thought off. Indirectly creating lots of creativity in us of how the music looks like, of how we can dance to his beats, of how we can picture the scenes of the songs in our mind. He brings out our creativity. He took us and is still taking us to this New Era i have no clue about. But Rahman Ji I am always following you, no matter what. Thank you so much for all the beautiful musical and silent moments you have given to us. From you everyday i learn a big lesson. No matter how big you are and how knowledgeable you are. Always have gratitude for all and it can always be seen in you and in your music. So humble and composed. You are a big Teacher Rahman Ji. Thank You with a big salute.

News on Rahman Ji winning the Golden Globe Awards

To listen to the song go to :- http://www.imeem.com/slumdogmillionaire

Below i have it in my playlist as well. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Good write up but one thing that turned me off is the rahman'ji'...He's not a north indian and using ji on a tamilian is awkward..

HANUSHA said...

anonymous, that's how i refer him. Thanks for the comment ;)

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