Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A man and his EGO.

Lately I’ve been in a dilemma on how i should see or understand people. I’ve been surfing many blogs and seeing all kinds of people and their lifestyle. But there was this one blog that took me aback when i read it. I would like to keep this anonymous as to not create any emotional distress to that person. I mean, i have no problem posting their name. I don’t give a damn for people who are of a intolerable character. But as mentioned, i just don’t want them to get so distressed and emotional about it.. well.. just being courteous..

Coming to my topic. This person attracted me to HIS blog because of one thing that he kept highlighting again and again in this blog. "HIS EGO". Honest to God I’ve never met such a self-praising person in my life. I wish no more. The way he preached and praised and honored and appreciated himself was hitting me like a storm. People like this still exist? I mean, they are so call educated so called famous and yet.. again ya.. and yet! they can have such an attitude of self proclamation!? How is this possible. I've seen many people whom are filthy rich, highly educated, famous in art and dance.. and yet so humble for their age, so pleasant, so considerate to an extend i feel.. what a godly presence in them. I am not referring to only youngsters only but elders as well. But here what i see is someone with evil in HIM and trying to boast his chest out and claiming to the rest of the world.. that he is "the one". What could be uglier that this. Even the ugly duckling was humble. But here.. God! i just want to pray so that this person has a reality check and a hard knock on the head before anything.

I learnt this, and Iam still learning this. As a dancer, the main thing he or she should be living with is humbleness.. treating people with respect and most importantly to demolish the ego in themselves and surrender with a clean and open mind. Treat all equally. But here.. its the complete opposite and i don’t know how he can claim himself that person who he thinks he is by being such an egoistic person..

Well i just hope he learns something good soon, before his ego eats him up. To talk and preach about the truth of something so so sacred and not following it is an insult to the matter that was written in the first place , an insult that shall never be forgiven.

To end, i know that this jackass will be reading this.. as he despised me for despising him for his immaturity and low self act. Well I hope he changes..

1 year with an Impact!

I didn’t know that a blog I wrote 1 year ago actually gave an impact and caused distress to this person for 1 year 2 months!.. Phew not bad huh...



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