Sunday, September 7, 2008

UPM Natyanjali - Video Clips

Hi all... Atlast we got the video of the UPM Natyanjali performance uploaded in youtube!! First is the video of the Semi-classical team followed by the video of the Contemporary team.

Fire & Water - Semi classical, choreographed by myself

P/S Fire & Water is the title of the Instrumental Music piece by Ganesh & Kumaresh. The concept of the choreography was about Naragasuran and Brahman.

Samba Samba - Contemporary, choreographed by Rujjcoomarh

For info please read my previous blog


Anonymous said...

Hi Hanusha..
Watched you on Atsro yesterday.
Just watched the clip and it was simply marvelous. Keep up the good work!

- Sabita

HANUSHA said...

Hi sabita,

Thanks a lot! But which Sabita is this. Ex Motorola, Sidthi Vinayagar sabita is it? :D

Anonymous said...

hehe.. yes, 10 points for you :)

- sabita

HANUSHA said...

haha... thanks dear

chaitanya said...

Wow the Clips is really good with background beat !!

HANUSHA said...

Thanks vilves!! :)

visithra said...

i love your opening scene in the semi classical performance - very creative - nice work

HANUSHA said...

thank you visithra... :D



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