Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Harihara - in Love with Vishnu and Shiva

There will be a Bharathanatyam Performance by Daisygarani Vijayakumaran on the title " Harihara - in Love with Vishnu and Shiva" this coming Sunday at the Malaysia Tourism Centre. Daisygarani has been known by her graceful performance of My Body, My Temple in 2006, which was her first solo performance.

This time she will be collaborating with the renowned Bharathanatyam Dancer Mavin khoo who as been a devoted dancer for the past 20 years. Mavin khoo himself has performed all types of dances ranging from Ballet, Natyam to contemporary in Britain, Europe, United States and India.

Mavin has guided Daisygarani Vijayakumaran and has been a part of her preparation for the performance this Sunday. For this show, Mavin has directed Daisygarani to explore deeper the core theme of love between the soul and the immortal spirit.

The show will be on live orchestra music and Mavin will be on the nattuvangam.

Daisy has attended master classes in bharatanatyam by some of the best of Kalakshetra: Professor N. S. Jayalaksmi, Adayar K. Lakshman, and Srimathi Kamalarani. She is also the disciple of Geetha Shankaran-Lam under the Temple of Fine Arts and has recently received instruction from renowned Guru Durga Charan Ranbir of Orissa.

Harihara will talk about the expressions on different possibilities of this relationship between the human and the divine, dramatically revealed through some of the most beautiful compositions of Carnatic music.

In Harihara, Daisygarani will delve into a series of five works from the bharatanatyam repertoire that embraces the concept of love for the immortal Hindu gods, Vishnu and Shiva.

The show details as below :-

Venue :- Auditorium Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia Tourism Centre, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Date :- 23 March 2008
Time :- 8 p.m.
Ticket prices are RM30 & RM 50
Tickets are selling fast. So, for more information please contact the organizer below :-
Kalpana017-6725672 & 016-6087310
The organizer will be selling the tickets on the 19th from 7pm to 9pm and on the 22nd from 3pm to 6 pm; this week at the Vivekananda Ashraman in Brickfields.

But please do call the organizers before going there to avoid any disappointments or change of ticket sales location.

See you there!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. It's wonderful to read that Daisy is finally getting recognition for her dance. It's a pity that you did not highlight her performance in sharen ram's production of 'Divine Absolute'(november '07) where tripat narayanan (in the Edge) described her movements as "with near perfect precision". All the same it's great to see your write up on her.

HANUSHA said...

Hi anonymous,

Thank you for your comments ;-). I didnt write up about that show as i didn't attend it. So i had no clue how the show was but i did hear that she was really good as you described in your comment. I only managed to go for Mavin's khoo ( Strictly Bharathanatyam) and it was an amazing experience. I think you know what i mean if you would have seen that show..

Anyway nice to meet you. Appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...
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