Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Harihara was beautiful.

I was and rujj were there at 7.45 pm and they place was already full. Surrounded by many guru's the show started at about 8.15.

Lights went off and only the orchestra was shown with a spot light. A calm and peacefully atmosphere it was. And then the beautiful melody of the flute and Bhavani's opening song took off the show.

She started of with the speed that was astonishing. What a dancer she is. I could not move my sight away from her. All the song pieces was beautifully expressed and performed with I can say "no flaws". She had the speed that was so catchy following with the uniquely jathi beats given by Mavin khoo... it was a dance that everyone had to hand their applause during every jathi for her varnam..

Many of Mavin's jathi was so different and not heard off that it surely took people to amazement with the choreography. Their collaboration was like a bird singing in the rain. So much of involvement, depth and essence were captured. It was a deep and so meaningful.

No words can express her amazing performance that day.

Looking forward for more shows from Daisy....
One word to describe her performance and the overall presentation of the show…. "Beautiful"

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