Monday, November 5, 2007


When was it given to be taken?

Sometimes we think we have the freedom to decide. Do we?

Sometimes we think we have the freedom to argue. Do we?

Sometimes we think we have the freedom to choose what we like to do. Do we?

Sometimes we think we have the freedom to be happy with who we are.. but do we actually have that freedom… or it never existed in the first place??

I personally don’t think it existed.. at least for me.

Actually when thinking about it… yes.. I have the freedom to do all the above..
But the actual outcome is not favorable to the whole idea of freedom I was expecting to get…

You know what I mean. Don’t you?

Well it means.. if you choose to fight for your own happiness you can win the battle but you wont be happy with the results after that. You wont be happy with the re-actions or the pre assumed results you think you will get…

It will be the opposite.. which means.. no matter how much you fight for your happiness and if you win.. you still wont be happy…

Sometimes I wonder.. When does someone gain the rights to tell you how to do things and why and bla bla… when? When? When?

When these rights appear? How come these rights never come before this?

Our parents have the rights because they brought us to this world.
Our teachers have the rights because they brighten us with knowledge
Our siblings have the rights cause they are our other half and
Our companion has the rights because they are a part of our lives….

But… the big question is, when these rights come in?

Is it because you own somebody?
Is it because you control somebody?
Or is it because you love somebody?

I am not just talking about blood relations.. but friends, co-workers and etc.

If something about that person is not liked, than it should be pointed of in the beginning.

If something about that person has to be changed, than is should be informed in the beginning.

If something about that person is annoying, than it should be avoided in the beginning…

Isn’t is not fair to discuss likes and dislikes later on.

If something that was routine or common was done by the person before you know them, don’t you think you should accept them like that till they reach their grave..

If something silly was done later on, then of course it will be fair to point out, but not for something that the person really is. Either accept it or drop it..

What ever I said above may sound very lame.. but when things that should not arise.. rises.. that’s when unwanted problems will start to emerge out of the water one day..


Every human being dislikes change, and so do I.

Changes can sometimes be for good or for worst..

Sometimes.. my mind is not in one state of mind. I feel if I go thru a change that I dislike I will create more problems and rebel more with the people I truly love.
Even though that is not what I want to do, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

But is it my fault that I don’t want to change. Just because I disagree can’t I be still the same gal?

Changes piss me of at times, cause it’s not what I want. Changes sometimes are just other people’s selfish act.

They want this.. they want that… they they they…………………..

I can say no.. and move on.. but is my life all about me?

Can I just walk off to do what I want?

I cant because I have so many dependencies.. So many to depend on…

I can do my own stuff .. but how much…

I can openly speak.. but how much…

I can daringly argue.. but how much..

I can simply just walk away.. but how easy it is?

Here again.. comes the question of Freedom…

Does every women has one? Actually does men themselved have freedom? I can boldly say NO.. I don’t…

Happy life is there for everyone.. but “which type” you choose can change your whole life…

I choose to have a happy life with the package called “Compromising”..

What’s yours?

At the end of the day.. my own life may not be perfectly happy.. but I am truthfully happy.. cause I at least have something rather than nothing…

2.32 am 20th oct 2007


Thevan said...

aahh. was happily blghoppin until i stumbled upon this blg. and it made me think, ponder, ruminate, on stuffs thats best not mentioned. i've had good while to reflect back on my life fer abit and i'd have to say u r not alone on this. i believe many share the same boat.

change. aah.. i attempted to write on the matter a few days ago. lol. never succeeded :p

i had to backtrack my steps to find tis blg again so i cud leave u with sumthin i found online, 'Change is so pervasive in our lives that it almost defeats description and analysis.'

HANUSHA said...

Thanks for your comments.. appreciate them.. thanks :) !!



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