Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dancing with Heart and Soul...

Sometimes we wish we could just sing or dance our heart out rite..
Sometimes we just wish we can express anything we want without any hesitation..

Expression here i meant by is; is our facial expression..our gestures.. our innermost feelings... feelings unspoken..
Expressing them in a way that, the the only thing the person who is watching us could do is to only admire with a smile..
Expressing the expression without any sort of commitment.. all they way with silence.. Just expression..

Isn't that the beauty of natyam... Natyam is just not Bharathanaytam...It's a range of all type's of classical dance..

Where there is a meaning to it.. to every single expression.. movement.. gesture..
Saying something without a single word may sound difficult.. but it's the most honest answer or explanation you can ever get and give..

Sometimes it's so helpful.. as in incase you give the wrong expression you can still say that was not what you meant.. unlike words.. once said.. it cannot be taken back. :)

But Dance.. and dancing can change everything. As for me "Bharathanatyam" surely has shaped my life, all differently..

It changes your lifestyle, your character, your ambition, your mood, your likings, your appearance, your body language and of course it changes the choice of words you use as well..
But all of above are for good... and that’s the beauty of Natyam..

Dancing doesn't help you connect to your innermost self only when your dancing, but also when you are not..

This all only happens when you know.. why your dancing.. and if you are dancing for real...
Just mere dancing is meaningless.. like a plain glass of good old water.. But add a flavor to it.. add a variety to it.. Immediately it becomes lively.. full of meaning.. reasons and explanations.. Just with a touch of color..

As the same just with a touch of culture, touch of passion and involvement..

The dance becomes alive..

The dance becomes aware of itself.. Sometimes i feel like I am in a trance when I am dancing.. A trance that only my mind and my body knows how to connect, understand and deliver... not loosing the meaning and the true expression of the song and the performance..

I feel separated from the real world.. i forget about the heavy ornaments worn, I forget about the presence of my proud parents seeing me perform, i forget about my Guru who is hoping i wont make a mistake, I forget about the audience who most of the time are clueless about what dance is about and what i am doing... I forget everything...

Where am i?? My feet is not on the ground.. i feel light.. all i can feel is the "salangai" tied to my feet.. all i can hear is the beautiful sounds of the bells..it's sharpness.. the way is moves with the "Thalam", I hear the "Ragam" from the music played.. and something more...
Something more that is indescribable.. I am dancing about something.. I am dancing in regards of someone.. I am representing
something unknown to me.. I am dancing about someone whom i have never seen before.. all i knew and know is stories.. songs.. but.
when i am connecting with my soul in a dance.. i feel like i am in a different world..

I am expressing the expression of the "Higher"..
Iam expressing HIS feelings and emotions..
His "Bhavam"...
"I am dancing Bharatham!.."
"I am dancing about "God!.. "

But who am i?
Am i a real dancer or just a dancer?
I am clueless at times... but it's the most beautiful feeling any dancer could ever go thru in her life..and if she did.. she would be the best person to understand what i am talking about..
I have no words to describe how glad I am .. but the experiences i have went thru and want to go thru more and more in my life.. is nothing close to what i have written above...

This is the my first share of experience.. ;)

Bha - Bhavam, Ra - Ragam, Tha - Thalam

An unexplainable experience.. that’s has thought me the lesson of my life..

*Thanks rujjy.. for all.. for bringing me back to this art...

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